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YaNooooo: Workers speak out against the Yahoo! Work-At-Home Ban

BY CHRISTOPHER ESSNER For many Americans, working at home has become a norm for their daily lives. It provides the ease of flexible hours that fit around a busy schedule. For families with young children, this may be the only feasible choice available. The importance of this choice for many, became notable when Yahoo! CEO, … Continue reading

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Gold on Revis Island? The rush for the NFL’s top CB is on

BY CHRISTOPHER ESSNER It’s an offseason of upheaval for the New York Jets as management looks to turn around a team that missed the playoffs for two years straight. Lacking depth and youth in many key positions, new General Manager John Idzik won’t take any options off the table. Shipping Revis Island from east to … Continue reading

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Drones in American Airspace. What’s the risk?

BY CHRISTOPHER ESSNER As the United States continues to plan its efforts for a military pullout in Afghanistan, one branch of the U.S. Armed forces continues to grow at a rapid pace. Drones, unmanned aircraft used to observe and eliminate threats overseas, have become incremental to the U.S. and its fight against terrorism. The policy … Continue reading

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Are Smartphones Good or Evil? Technology and the Breakdown of Communication

BY CHRISTOPHER ESSNER In a world of iPhones, Facebook, tweets, and Instagrams, people are becoming ever more connected. A report from Strategic Analytics this passed year announced the number of smartphones topped one billion and will double by 2015. The advantages of this are obvious as you can now reach anyone in the world at the drop … Continue reading

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Embarking on a Journey with Chris Essner

Born in Manalapan, NJ, Chris Essner is studying Journalism and Political Science at Rutgers University.  At Rutgers he has acquired a vast array of knowledge particularly in the broadcast medium.  His broadcast career started in radio at WRSU as a sports announcer.  He then wanted to shift his focus to television broadcasting, and in the spring of 2012 he began working at WABC-TV in New … Continue reading