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A Brave Young Girl

I regret that I have not had the time to write about this story today, and I am sure most of you will have heard by the time I am writing this.  A 14-year-old girl, Malala Yousafzai, who is known for speaking out against the Taliban in her home country of Pakistan was shot twice on October 9th as she left school.  I find it appalling that something like this could happen in the 21st century.  To think the Taliban would target a 14-year-old girl at her school is mind numbing.  I won;t give anymore attention to these cowards, but rather focus on Malala.  At a young age she has made a name for herself across Pakistan as a supporter of the freedoms you and I take for granted everyday.  She has fought for her right to go to school and learn.  She has spoken out against violence and the Taliban in her home country.  It is for these reasons that she was targetted today.  She is loved for and cared for by friends and family who lied and told the Taliban they didn’t know her when the they came looking.  Malala currently is in critical condition, and fighting for her life.  It is unknown if she will speak again should she survive.  I for one am keeping her in my heart and mind, and hope that one day she will speak again.  I hope one day that she can continue to spread her message of equality, peace, love, and freedom.  This a girl who decided to take a stance where many would choose not to.  One can hope that more people will follow in her footsteps.  Malala our thoughts are with you.

Nightly News with Brian Williams Coverage


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