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Mile High Expectations for the Mile High Debate


Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney in Denver Presiden...

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney in Denver Presidential Debate (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Debate Reaction

Big expectations, big budget plans, and Big Bird.   The first Presidential debate of this election has come and gone.  Going in if you thought Barack Obama would be able to pull away from Mitt Romney, you are probably disappointed today.  The general consensus in both the media and throughout the country is that Mitt Romney came away the victor in this first matchup.  Romney performed very well, changing the tune of his campaign heading into the event.  He seemed more relaxed of the two, and was able to use time more effectively, often going over time limit. 

President Obama on the other hand seemed a bit out of form.  The President, who is known for delivering powerful speeches, did not seem comfortable when speaking.  He missed quite a few opportunities to hit back at Romney.  Even more surprising, President Obama never brought up Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comments.  For a topic that polled so heavily in Obama’s favor, one would think it would at least be mentioned.  Republicans across the country are quite pleased with the way Mitt performed, while Democrats say the President needs to come at Mitt harder in the future.  One thing to note, of the last five incumbent Presidents, four have lost the first debate.  With thirty-six days left before the election, and four more debates (one of which is the Vice Presidential debate) this race is far from finished.  Now let’s get into the meat of what .

Where this debate lacked splash and conflict, it made up for in content.  Both candidates were able to paint some good contrasts between their plans for the country.  Much of the debate focused on the economy, while other topics included healthcare, entitlements, taxes, education, and the role of government.  The overall tune of the debate was mellow, but the candidates tried to stick to the messages of their campaigns.  Romney continued questioning Obama’s record thus far, while Obama painted Romney as vague and hiding information.  So what came out of the debate?  Voters hopefully got a better idea of what each candidate stands for, but as we know there are many issues they still need to cover.  Make sure to watch the Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan when they debate next Wednesday, October 11th.

Grading Out the Participants

  • Romney- B
  • Obama- C+

Both candidates would have scored higher if they actually explained the issues at hand.  There was a lot of moments when both candidates seemed to be trying to reach talking points rather than answer the questions at hand.  Yes there were a few instances where the candidates went into a little bit more depth than we are previously accustomed to, but both were putting spin on their answers only like a politician could.  These are very complicated issues that deserve more attention.  The Congressional Budget Office has said that Social Security cannot continue the way it is currently set up now.  According to them Social Security will be unsustainable by 2030.  This wasn’t even brought up during the debate.  The American people want to know exactly how these candidates plan to fix the problems our country will face in the coming years.  Some of the responsibility of this has to fall on the moderator Jim Lehrer, who struggled to get a word in throughout the night.  Tomorrow we’ll delve into who the current debate really serves, and what needs changing .


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