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We the Greater Fools

In the words of Sloan Sabbith from Aaron Sorkin‘s The Newsroom, the Greater Fool is “…someone with the perfect blend of self-delusion and ego to think that he can succeed where others have failed.
It’s an idea that every voice has the ability to make change.  An idea of challenging the status quo.  An idea that despite mounting obstacles and difficult circumstances, anyone is able to make a difference in the national discussion.  In my time at Rutgers University I have studied Journalism and the media.    The media as a field is often called the fourth branch of government.  They are a voice by and for the people.  There was a time when factual information mattered most.  A time when the struggle to remain objective was paramount the everyday life of journalists.

Here at the Greater Fool, we look to maintain that objectivity.  Opinion political talk shows are the norm today.  They gather up those who think and vote a certain way, rile them up and constantly criticize those who don’t agree with their beliefs.  Its been a very successful business model for many of the cable news networks, but one has to wonder if this is the model journalism should follow.  Should the news broadcast even really be about the bottom line.  Journalism as a profession means to inform the people about critical issues so that a properly functioning democratic society can develop.  Discussion and the dissemination of current affairs leads to a more informed electorate.
In the posts that follow, we greater fools will delve into the issues that effect us, as both citizens of the United States and inhabitants of this planet.  We will focus on the truth and present factual information. We look to present all sides to the story, but admit that not all stories have multiple sides.  Where opinion is given it will be clear.  Where a lie presents itself, we will be the voice calling it out.  We will bring light to injustice where we see it, and give voice to those who have none.  We are here for the people.  We the Greater Fools.


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